3 Years

It has been three years since I started this blog. I am very happy that I could keep this journal almost every day, except a few months in early 2016 during the busiest term of my work.

As Blogger's iPhone app has been discontinued, I am going to change my blog to Wordpress.

I am truly grateful for the people who have read my blog. Thank you very much, and please check my new blog too!






Best Birthday Ever!!

I've just turned 35 today. It was an amazingly fantastic birthday. I can't imagine how much fun I had today... and how much of love I received today!

First thing in the morning, my partner served me a tea in a cup with a special message "Happy Birthday!!". It was a lovely little surprise.

Then, I hopped on Captain Cook Cruise as they offered a free birthday cruise with complimentary coffee, tea, and biscuits. Named as "Harbour Story Cruise", it showed me a much closer look of harbours and bays and told me interesting stories about those places.

After enjoyed the 2-hour cruise, I picked up a free lunch from Subway sandwich. It was very funny that they told me that I was the 6th person who used that birthday deal today. Apparently, there are a lot of April 5th birthday persons in Sydney CBD. I wish I could meet them all.

Stuffed my stomach with a chicken sandwich and a bottle of coke, I met up with my partner and went to St. James Church to listen to a lunchtime concert. Today's program was a cello quartet, and it was very beautiful.

In the afternoon, I went to Taronga Zoo since they have a special $1 entry for a birthday person. It was my first time to visit this popular zoo, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching animals, especially bongos, koalas, platypus and sleeping wombats.

When I came back home, my partner gave me a wonderful surprise with a hand-made pavlova with candles on top. How sweet of him, and how sweet of the cake! I was almost crying for happiness. He also got me a rubber duck which I wanted to have for my bath. I felt so loved.

For dinner, we went to a nearby restaurant called Dumplings and Beer. Their soup dumplings (xiao long bao) were so delicious! I liked beef sliders too. No wonder why they are so popular.

Stuffed with a delicious dessert (rest of pavlovas), we went to Art Gallery New South Wales to enjoy Art After Hours. We enjoyed current exhibition The National 2017. As we stepped out from the gallery, there were fireworks from Carmen at Lady Macquarie's Chair! What a great timing... It seemed to be a celebration for my birthday.

My partner took me to the city for a night ride, and we enjoyed the beautiful night view of the Circular Quay and The Rocks. It was such a perfect day.

Looking back my worst birthday in 2014, today was the best birthday ever.
My heart is full. I am happy. I am grateful for everything.


Acting Class

Joined a free acting class at Rex Centre. It was a lot of fun to meet new people, and to learn new acting techniques! The teacher taught us Stanisravski's system, which was totally new to me. I enjoyed observing objects, reminiscing my daily life, and acting in front of others. I am so happy to know this class.

I will become 35 years old tomorrow!


Burn After Reading

Watched a movie "Burn After Reading" which my partner recorded for me the other day. It was a black comedy with cynical humor. It was not quite my taste, but I enjoyed the story.


Frog Ring

My partner gave me a cute silver frog ring for my birthday present! I am very very happy.

It has been three years since I met him. I am so grateful for having him in my life. Ever since I met him, I've been learning how to love someone and how to be loved by someone.


The Tale of the Unknown Island

Read  José Saramago's "The Tale of the Unknown Island". It was a unique, peculiar and a bit cynical fable. But I liked the narrative and the humor. 


Highly Sprung

Went to Martin Place to see a performance by Legs On The Wall, an internationally famous performing arts group. Titled as "Highly Sprung", they showed an amazing outdoor performance on trampolines. I was impressed by their physical abilities and powerful staging.